Silvia Dal Soggio is born from the passion of Dr. Silvia Dal Soggio, architect and gemologist, for gemology, mineralogy and precious stones. She combines continuous research and constant professionality, technique and creativity in a magic alchemy that creates unique and precious, original and new jewelry.

Dedicated to an eclectic and cosmopolitan woman, with a strong personality, but feminine and sensual, simple and sophisticated at the same time, a luxury’s lover in its most deep and authentic essence.

The company is born as a small high quality artisan reality, which wants to bring into the world the unique and unmistakable style of the most authentic Made in Italy… made of passion for details, perfect combination between style and elegance, and attention to quality and to stones’ cutting, which come directly from the countries of origin, all only conflict free.

Silvia Dal Soggio combines stones together in a completely unusual and unexpected way, creating jewelry with a new, extraordinary, amazing character… in a word: unique.


Silvia Dal Soggio